About Me


Hello, my name is Marta Prior, and I’m an Illustration and Art teacher living in Ripoll, the Easter Pyrenees.

I studied Art at Barcelona University, some years ago… during that period I focus my studies in the Art image, and I also took  some engraving classes, that I enjoyed so much.

I have done some collage exhibitions, and have begun to work to pay my expenses. I have done  a lots of different works, always related to Art.

In recent years I have begun to teach Art  in High School, the more I teach the more I learn. At the same time I practice in yoga, and this help me so much to know a little more about me.  I have realized that I always wanted to do drawings in ink and watercolor technique, so I started to do it, and this is the result, a collection of my drawings.

If you want to contact me: mpriorlopez@gmail.com